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speakers confirmed so far, more coming soon. [Stay tuned here]

Brian Clifton

Director @ Search Integration (UK)

Brian Clifton (PhD) is a measurement strategist, advisor and renowned practitioner of performance optimisation using Google Analytics. Recognised internationally as a Google Analytics expert, his best selling books have been translated many times and are used by students and professionals worldwide.

Simo Ahava

Senior Data Advocate @ Reaktor (Finland)

Simo Ahava is a recognized expert on customizing web analytics and tag management solutions to improve the entire “life cycle” of data collection, processing, and reporting. His main areas of expertise lie with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and Google has appointed him as a Google Developer Expert in these fields.

Yehoshua Coren

Founder & Principal @ Analytics Ninja LLC (Israel)

Experienced Web Analyst and Search Engine Marketer. Google Analytics Expert who skillfully leverages the entire Google Product Suite. Focus on providing data driven, actionable insights to customers.

Ani Lopez

Sr. Measurement Strategist (Canada)

Helps companies like EA, Google, ASICS, or Expedia, define, implement and make the best of their measurement. From data collection, automated dashboards, and analysis to governance, measurement culture advocacy & education. He works as independent consultant or in collaboration with agencies like Cardinal Path, Analytics Pros, or Analytics Demystified.

David Sottimano

Strategist @ Define Media Group (Spain)

Insatiable hunger for the why and how. Canadian born, Italian blood and passionate about everything internet. Former @ Distilled.

Craig Sullivan

Optimiser of Everything @Optimal Visit (UK)

Craig has been blending UX, Analytics, AB Testing, Voice of Customer and Conversion Optimisation techniques for over 15 years. He’s also been building teams, launching products and hacking the growth of websites for companies like Google, LOVEFiLM, Lego, John Lewis, eBay, The FT and more. Using a mixture of design thinking, lean, agile, analytics and AB testing – he’s helped coach clients to grow by £2Bn in new revenue streams within the last 5 years.

Marie Loridan O'Meara

Mobile App Ads Lead @ Google (Germany)

Marie Loridan O’Meara leads mobile App Promotion acceleration in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Central Eastern Europe and Greece. She works with Mobile App developers and marketers on strategies to develop installs and user engagement. She has been in Google for over 10 years and previously worked with online publishers on content monetisation.


Digital Intelligence Strategist @ DIVISADERO (Spain)

Virginia Relea is Digital Intelligence Strategist and member of the Innovation Team at Divisadero. She is a globetrotter, curious by nature and digital enthusiast.
Her background is in Business and Customer Behavior and she has over seven years of experience in the Digital Industry.
Virginia has a vast experience at helping big companies to leverage digital data to achieve their business goals.
Iberia, AXA, Vodafone, Endesa, L’Oréal… are some of the main accounts she has been working for.


Innovation Tech Lead @ DIVISADERO (Spain)

Nicolás Lozano is part of the Innovation Team at Divisadero. He is a JavaScript lover and has always been passionate about using it everywhere he can. Thanks to this and his creative mind, he has been able to collect and send data almost from everywhere, even a table tennis table.
Nico has been working with companies such as Mapfre, Vodafone, Roche or la Caixa delivering Digital Analytics, Personalization, Tag Management and DMP solutions.


one day of the best Digital Analytics & Big Data speeches

... and why business executives remain frustrated. Tools don't provide insights, people do - but they need good data! Despite all the fancy tools and explosion of Google Analytics features in recent years, setups i.e. data quality, remain dismally poor. Hence poor decisions (or even no decisions) are being made with it. After over 10 years of forensic auditing for some of the world's biggest brands, Brian shows whats is going wrong, why it's difficult to get it rigth, and how to go about ensuring yout data quality is fit for purpose.

In this session, Craig will share the mistakes that he, his clients and most companies doing mobile AB testing - are making every week. Covering the entire lifecycle of optimisation and AB testing, Craig will touch on responsive layouts, designing great test hypotheses, picking the right statistics and technology stack and avoiding dumb mistakes when trying to optimise for growth. You'll also learn the pitfalls of the Google Analytics Device ID handling - and how to work around them. You'll get a complete checklist of the key problems to avoid, printouts for the office wall, articles and resources to use. With a practical focus, you will learn how to avoid problems by taking concrete action tomorrow.

Measuring all the different ways that users can interact with your website content is difficult. Uncovering the real meaning behind words such as "engage" and "read" doubly so. And trying to understand how people engage with the different parts of your website only by looking at metrics and dimensions is, or at least should be, borderline impossible. But you can at least try! Using the web browser's own APIs together with some JavaScript magic, you can add measurement points to your site tracking which help you get a better picture of how visitors are engaging with what you have to offer. It's not just about the written word - it's about the whole experience of browsing and using your website. Simo Ahava, one of the foremost experts in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager development, will share you some of his best tips, tricks, and tools for customizing the crap out of your web analytics data collection. The tips are incredibly actionable, with lots of links for further reading, and plenty of encouragement for improving your web development skills. Don't miss this inspirational talk!

No doubt Visualization of Data is a key component of our industry. The path data travels since it is created till it takes shape in a chart, it's sometimes obscure and overlooked as it tends to live in the engineering side (when volume is relevant), an area where Data Scientist tend to visit but not the usual Web/Marketing Data Analyst. Nowadays the options to tame all that journey and make the best of it are many and they don't require extensive engineering knowledge. Small or Big Data, let's see what "Store, Extract, Transform, Load, Visualize" is all about.

During this talk Nicolás and Virginia will focus on the concept of, approach to and ways of working around a Data Management Platform (DMP). Data is the trigger to analyze, decide and automate your marketing and sales dynamics, which makes it crucial to understand data evolution and reasons that have lead us into the DMP era. Additionally, you will have a chance to see a live demo of a Data Management Platform performing a real case scenario.

This will be a hands on session focused on how to get the most out of Google Analytics. Yehoshua will show you how he approaches implementation of GA's enhanced features, including Custom Dimensions, Custom Metrics, Data Import, and Enhanced Ecommerce. He'll then show you how to access a beautifully crafted data set via custom reports and segments and put it to use. You'll go home with a list of "things to do tomorrow" and practical knowledge about how to do it.

Wouldn't you love to know what's actually going on rather than trusting opinion? Want to get to the right data, unobstructed, and programatically? In this session, Dave is going to go through a few processes he uses to ensure he gets the right answer, and will also give away a few personal secrets to the crowd.


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The conference will be held at the Google Campus in Madrid, an old factory restored by Google.

Campus Madrid

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  • 9:00 - 18:30


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